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WELCOME ALL OF YOU TO MY SERVICES I'm is a big seller and real hacker here, i have wo
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WELCOME ALL OF YOU TO MY SERVICES I'm is a big seller and real hacker here, i have worked for many people around the world, believe in Unity. Trust and Honesty is 100% needed in all field of money making

- You can contact me at any time to buy CVV, CC good and fresh 100%
- I have some tools to make money online for all customer...
- And I guarantee one thing, you will really happy if business with me
- Prestige, quality and safety, it is my business

====== Contact Me For Serious Business ======

———  My ICQ :  802611

——— * Tele Gram ID : @yannscott

———  Email :

============ SELL CVV GOOD AND FRESH ALL COUNTRY ============

- I'm looking for a good customer to buy cvv everyday and long-term
- I will discount or bonus if you order bulk

+ Format Cvv fullz info :
|Type Of Card|Card Number|Exp.Date|CVV2|First Name|Last Name|DOB|SSN|Address|City|State|Zip Code|Country|Email|Phone number|MMN|DL|

Cvv Eu...
France = $20 (fullz info = $40)
Germany = $20 (fullz info = $40)
Italy = $20 (fullz info = $40)
Sweden = $20 (fullz info = $40)
Asia = $15 (fullz info = $35)

**Prices For Western Union Online Transfer(Eu,Uk,Asia,Canada,Us,France,Germany,Italy and some African Countries):

$300 for MTCN $3000 (get MTCN vs Sender's details)
$500 for MTCN $6000 (get MTCN vs Sender's details)
$700 for MTCN $9000 (get MTCN vs Sender's details)
$1000 for MTCN $15000 (get MTCN vs Sender's details)

I transfer minimum $1000 with price $120 first for the time customer
Western Union Online Software(Western Union Bug(WU Bug)
Version Latest With an Activation Code :100$

------------------------MASTER and VISA BIN-------------------------
446278 - 446272 - 449352 - 449353 - 498824 - 415929 - 465902 - 492940
492181 - 492182 - 492942 - 456735 - 454313 - 462785 - 453978
518675 - 6759 - 5434 - 529930 - 552188 - 543429 - 5505

===============Test Pices of Dumps with Pin ================

4147202049395286=180520111031282?%B414720204939528 6^KUSNER/CORRINE ^1805201110311100000000282000000 . PIN: 8099
4147371222331069=16032010000036000100?%B4147371222 331069^SMITH/LARRY R^16032010000000000000000000000000000360001000 PIN: 33180
4246315165757152=180920118649081?B4246315165757152 ^MCMAHON/JIM ^1809201186491100000000081000000 PIN : 2017
4254070019210879=17041010000009000000?%B4254070019 210879^SOUKUP/CHRISTIAN A^17041010000000090000000 PIN : 5662
5346360201742301=180710110000892?%B534636020174230 1^SATTERFIELD/RENO^18071011000000892000000 PIN : 1954

~~~~~~~~~~~ SELL BANK LOGIN / PAYPAL ACCOUNT ~~~~~~~~~~~

- Bank Login : Username + Password Number (full info)
- Paypal Account : Email Address Paypal + Password (full info)
- Have all details for login and i can transfer balance to your account (Bank or Paypal) if you want

* Same price for Bank and Paypal

- Bank US: (Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo...)
$300 = Balance $3000
$400 = Balance $5000
- Bank UK: (LLOYDS, TSB, BARCLAYS, Standard Chartered, HSBC...)
$300 = Balance 4000 GBP
$500 = Balance 9000 GBP

Dumps with CardHolder info
Price: ( Exclusive Dumps )
track1+track2 ( with CARDHOLDER INFO zip, dob , address, cvv2 )
MasterCard Standart, Visa Classic - $30
Visa Gold|Platinum|Corporate|Signature|Business – $50
American Express|Discover|amazon gifts certificates - $30-50
MasterCard, Visa Classic - $40
Visa Gold|Platinum|Corporate|Signature|Business – $60
MasterCard, Visa Classic - $100
Visa Gold|Platinum|Corporate|Signature|Business – $160
Other countries:
MasterCard| Visa Classic - $100
Visa Gold|Platinum|Corporate|Signature|Business – $120

I do shopping to any address in US and UK,I shop iphones,laptops,perfums and more,
Come for more deal

---------------------------------Conditions of sale-------------------------

( Before you will add me make sure you are good and clear with the business RULES )

1. Dumps are sent to you after full payment for the order...
2. According ur desire staff can be checked up during the moment of purchase.
3. No consultations and advices how where and what for it's possible to take advantage of the given goods.
4. No gifts, "just for test" etc. And I am very tired from beggars and children... do not need wasted my and ur time too..
5 .No minimum orders if you pay with Libertyrreserve (Details for WU|MG orders in icq)
6. Payment method: Perfect Money, Western Union, MoneyGram,BitCoin
7. Test minimum order for dumps. $150=6pcs Inbulk

====== Contact Me For Serious Business ======

———  My ICQ :  802611

——— * Tele Gram ID : @yannscott

———  Email :

Thanks for reading my thread. You can forward to those Inneed and also looking forward  to deal with you ALL.
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Why have my eyelashes disappeared? Alopecia Areata, a disorder of the immune system causing hair loss. The immune cells attack the hair follicles thus causing them to fall out. This can cause loss of all hair on the body or loss in just one area such as eyebrows, beard, eyelashes or scalp. There is no cure for this but it can be treated.
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Ive noticed weve had a couple of new people join and add their thoughts to some threads...Welcome
Id love to hear more about your dogs and you, if you are so inclined...

[Image: grand-theft-auto-5.php?img.jpg]
Good work Tempest, we are all very proud to have you as our leader.

I will gladly offer my services for help or modding or whatever you feel fit to assign me.


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