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WOW Classic Mage PVP Talent Guide - Frost and Fire
In the previous article, wowclassigp introduced Mage's PVP talent program in case of cheap wow classic gold poor equipment. But when you spend that period of time, as your equipment slowly gets better, the original plan needs to change.The equipment with this solution is best R10 suit, the talent in the red box must be activated, due to the limited number of talent points, the Arcane series can only give up the talent to reduce the opponent's magic resistance.

Frost and Fire Talent Program
Fire talent analysis
Frost talent analysis
Mage's other PVP talent programs

NO.1 Frost and Fire

NO.2 Fire talent analysis
Improved Fireball and Impact
These two talents need to be selected according to personal habits. When the early equipment is not good, some people like to use Scorch for high-frequency casting, so that there is a chance to stun the enemy. In this case, you must activate Impact, which can increase the chance of the enemy being dizzy.

After the equipment is slowly upgraded, you can also use the Frost Nova+ engineering grenade + Fireball + Fire Blast. This PVP solution must activate the Improved Fireball to get the most benefit.

Improved Fire Blast
If your network latency is small, Improved Fire Blast + 1 will suffice, if not or only use instant skills, you can choose to top up.
Fire Blast's cooldown is 8 seconds, starting from the time of release, 6.5 seconds remaining after the release is complete, and the Improved Fire Blast + 1 time is reduced by 0.5 seconds, allowing you to use 2 Improved Fireballs or 4 Scorchs, then release one Fire Blast.

If you have Improved Fire Blast + 3, you will have nothing to do in 0.5 seconds after 4.5 seconds. If you use an instant or read spell, then your talent will be added.

The combination of Scorch and Fire Blast has a good return in the early stage, but the gains in the later period are not large, and the choice is based on their own combat habits.

Improved Scorch
Still the talent of the fire stream Mage, Improved Scorch + 3 = 3% ~ 15% of the extra damage of the flame, but in PVP, when you fill the enemy with 15% BUFF, the other party may have died twice It is. Its main use is a very good high frequency BUFF, 1.5 seconds damage + DEBUFF for each other a public CD is very cost-effective.

Burning Soul (2/2), Critical Mass (3/3)
For these two talents, I really can't think of the reason for not activating them. The reason why I say this is because I saw someone say that this is a PVE talent, and if Burning Soul is not activated, then whether it is for Hunter's pet, or The turrets attack each other, others can knock down your teeth, and you can't even release a reading skill.

As for Critical Mass, if Fire Mage doesn't have a crit, it's all hurt, magic consumption, and scene control. It's all suppressed by Frost Mage. Is it expected that Frost Nova will hurt? No Frost Nova will turn around and run?

Flame Throwing
All fire spells can enjoy the attack range bonus. If you don't choose it, you will have less one combat plan and reduce the fault tolerance. This is the most widely used and most practical talent.

NO.3 Frost talent analysis
Elemental Precision
This is a talent that acts on both spell hits and magic resistance. The combination of the two will result in higher actual returns than the panel gains. The higher the magic resistance of the opponent, the greater the gain of this talent.
In the early stage, everyone's hits and resistance were not enough. There were a lot of messy resistance in various T-series equipment, which led to the high income of Elemental Precision + 3. However, in the late stage of T2.5~T3, when everyone's hit and resistance overflow, the income of this talent in the PVP environment will be reduced accordingly. It belongs to a pre-requisite point, and the talent of equipment selection in the later stage.

Frostbite + 3's revenue is very low, Frostbite + 1 when opening Ice Armor against Rogue or Hunter pets is the same as Frostbite + 3, the same as Warrior's words without the talent, so choose up to +1.
Look forward to the Frostbite effect to get rid of everything. You only have a 10-second CD Cone of Cold, instead of expecting a 15% Frostbite every 10 seconds, it is better to give up Frostbite and play.

Permafrost (2/3)
You can keep your Cone of ColdCD and the duration of the deceleration effect in sync. In PVP, you can keep the enemy in a deceleration state and choose according to the equipment hit properties.

Elemental Precision, Frostbite and Permafrost are mutually interchangeable and have three options:
1. Elemental Precision + 3, give up Frostbite and Permafrost.
2.Permafrost + 3, giving up Elemental Precision and Frostbite.
3.Permafrost + 2, Elemental Precision + 1 or Frostbite + 1, the other gives up.

NO.4 Mage's other PVP talent programs
At the 60th level, this social and cooperative version has basically no talent for dealing with all combat situations. Especially for Frost and Fire, except for the core talents must be activated, other talents 1 to 3 points of nuances will lead to battle. The way is completely different.

Mage has 4 talents a day, and it won't hurt at all. The Mage is never lack of money. Here are two other PVP talents for Mage.

R10 equipment, high frequency Scorch + vertigo

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