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Customized Black SiC Powder
SiC: 98.5% 
F.C: 0.15%
Fe2O3: 0.20%
Grit: F360, F400, F500, F600
Properties: High thermal shock resistance, Low thermal expansion, Superior Strength, Excellent chemical inertness
Application: Functional ceramics
Ceramics Grade Silicon Carbide, with high thermal shock resistance, low thermal expansion, superior Strength, and excellent chemical inertness, can be widely used in functional ceramics.
We can supply different grades of SiC powder for engineering ceramics in the quantity of 1,000 tons per month.
Specification as following:
Chemical Composition
SiC: Min 98.5% 
F.C: Max 0.05%
Fe2O3: Max 0.12%
Grit: F360, F400, F500, F600
Other specs can be supplied as clients' request.
Application: Functional ceramics
Inspection Equipment
Process Control
Company Honor
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