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Lawyer Email
Another important purpose of the lawyer cover letter is to be able to discuss relevant aspects of your candidacy that are not appropriate or practical to include in the resume. For instance, if you are no longer working with your last employer, this is a good lawyer email place to discuss why. For example, if you were laid off because of economic reasons, it's best to explain this on the cover letter, rather than have the employer assume that something is wrong with you from the resume alone. This is also a good place to explain gaps on your resume, transitions, or any other elements that show that you've not taken a linear route to your legal career. Any perceived or potential negative can be easily dealt with and explained in the cover letter.
[Image: Lawyer-Email.jpg]

The lawyer cover letter can also allow you to discuss positives that are not easily addressed on the resume. For instance, if you earned high grades in a particular course, received professional training in a particular practice area, or published articles in a specific field, this is a good place for you to discuss these accomplishments in details. You can expand on a specific skill or accomplishment as it best relates to the position, and discuss how these achievements enabled you to hone essentials skills for the job. Finally, if the position requires relocating, you should take the opportunity to show your interest or ties to city, and convince the employer of your willingness to move.

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